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The integrated LOOMDATA Costing module helps to get quick answers about material and production costs based on the basic data.


  • Multi-level model for costing (Costing / Valuation-1 / Valuation-2 etc)
  • Product costing / individual costing
  • Overview about the raw material required (quantity and cost)
  • Cost rates and cost rate groups for rapid costing generation
  • Archive function and management
  • Price list generation
  • Selectable cost rate references and cost rate units
  • Integrated costing module based on basic data
  • Planning basis for controlling department


  1. Make sure all of your purchase articles have costing or purchase prices and are marked as Purchase articles.
  2. Make sure all the production articles have at least one standard work plan and parts list defined.
  3. Define cost rates for all of your processes, standard work plan steps or article specific work plan steps.
  4. Define additional cost rates to allow supplements for all costs not included in your work plan steps.

Cost rates and cost rate groups

Generate costing for a specific article

Once you have defined the data above, you get all your material and production costs automatically. Add supplementary cost rates or cost rate groups to the costing for all costs not yet included.

Missing data or erroneous configurations are shown by the alarm state.

Generate costing for a specific article

Review the costing results

The summary shows all calculated values for the material, the work plan steps and the general costs. Compare these values with the values of the previous calculation.

Additional registers show:

  • the complete and resolved parts list with costing and purchase prices,
  • the complete and resolved work plan with cost for all steps,
  • the additional cost rates for all supplementary costs.


The archive function creates an archive of all active costings with a given name and the current date and time. All costings in the archive are no longer editable, but can be shown and copied into new active costings.



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